Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hello, crazy world

Crazy world, isn't it?

On one side, most people are very concerned about the protection of their data privacy in the modern information technology age. On the other side, there are quite a few people, who are exposing themselves in blogs, on Flickr or on YouTube. Most funnily, there seems to be a massive intersection between both groups. Well, now I'm stepping forward into this twilight zone.

My name is Peter Junge and I was born somewhere in the North of Germany a little bit more than 43 years ago. Having worked from September 2000 until March 2006 for Sun's StarOffice Engineering in Hamburg as a QA Engineer, I join OOo since the very beginning. Today, I live in Beijing, P.R. China. At the end of 2005 my wife took the chance to get good job as a German Teacher at the Beijing Foreign Studies University and I followed her in April 2006. After six month of relaxing I wrote an email to a guy from the Chinese Language project, asking for contacts to entities working on OOo in Beijing and in December 2006 I started to work at Beijing Redflag CH2000 Software Co., Ldt., the biggest company working on OOo in China. (Please do not mix it up with Redflag Linux.)

In the next few weeks or months I will try to write about two things. One thread shall be about all the things currently ongoing in my new company. Additionally, I will try to write the story about the past six months at CH2000 and the funny way how I got there.
So, stay tuned for more to come.



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